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Healthcare Consultants, Ted Travis, Juana McAdoo and their team bring years of experience and expertise to the field of Assisted Living Service, RSA, DD, and Psychiatric Rehabilitative Services. The entire team is dedicated to helping start-up businesses and existing businesses reach optimum success.

Juana McAdoo, Director of Education

Juana McAdoo, of The McAdoo Group has partnered with the states of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia for over 15 years in Healthcare Education.
As Director of Education, Juana provides avante garde solutions to healthcare providers. Juana has written and received approval from the state for the 80 hour Assisted Living Manager course.

Providing Business Planning, policies and procedures, staff manuals for start-up and existing businesses. Her "savvy" has also led to the development of Quality Assurance Plans for many prestigious healthcare programs in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

Juana is adjunct faculty member at Prince Georges County Community College.

Ted Travis, CFO and Director of Marketing

Trainer and Consultant for Assisted Living and Healthcare Administrators, Ted brings a wealth of research knowledge from MEMA (Maryland Emergency Management Agency), Homeland SecurityFEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and the American Red Cross, and is a decorated Vietnam Veteran.

His financial background comes with 6 years as marketing director of United Bank of Philadelphia,. He has excellent experience in marketing with over 25 years in broadcasting with NBC, CBS, and Clear Channel Communications, working in both television and radio.

Lindy Turner, RN, MSN, DN, CM

Lindy’s education and  career path has been in Critical Care Nursing. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Nursing, Lindy transitioned to Long Term Care, specifically Assisted Living (AL) due to her absolute joy in providing care to the aging population.

Kathy P. Ballard, Client Relations Specialist

Kathy is the "virtual link" to clients and education and compliance. For over 10 years, Kathy has developed online training and curriculum for major companies. At Ascend Healthcare Institute, she bridges the "online" experience with managers, administrators, and staff.

Inga S. Boyd, MPA

Inga S. Boyd brings years of expertise in public administration. Inga simply integrates state regulations with best practices. With a wealth of Medicaid waiver billing experience, She understands the critical link between providing care, billing for care, and state requirements.

Our Professional Team:

  • Dawn Bennett, RN, BSN, CM/DN
  • Inga S. Boyd, MPA
  • Lindy Turner, RN, DN, CM
  • Kathy P. Ballard, Client Relations Specialist
  • Professional Pharmacy Consultants
  • DHC Medical Supply Company

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