Assisted Living Training Requirements

(1) TRAINING 5+ residents or level 3 residents: You are mandated to take the 80-Hour Assisted Living Managers Course (A) (B).
  • You must have 2 years of experience in a health related field.
  • 4 or fewer residents and no level 3 residents.
  • You can take 40 Hours of initial trainings as required by COMAR (B) (6).(2)


  • Assisted living managers and alternate managers are required to have Med-Tech training.
  • This course is taught by a Delegating Nurse. The training is 20 hours in length and your license is issued by the Maryland Board of Nursing and good for 2 years.
  • LPNs, RNs, LNP or doctors are exempt. It is also not required if you have a Med-Tech license that is current.


  • This is another required training for all assisted living managers, alternate assisted living managers, and all staff within a facility. This is a 4-hour course. You will be provided with a 2 year certificate.  We are an approved vendor for the state.


  • You will be required to go through both an environmental and paper review by a Pre-Licensure surveyor from the Office of Health Care Quality.
  • The surveyor will review your facility to make sure it meets the requirements of COMAR (Code of Maryland Registration and Register) 10.07.14 (B) (b).
  • There will be a review of six manuals: Policy & Procedures, Medication, Quality Assurance, Residents, Staff, and Emergency Disaster Preparedness. Also a business plan with a 1-year budget.
  • When it is deemed by the surveyor that you have met all requirements, you will be issued a license which will be good for 2 years.

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